Professional Practice Review Committee

The Professional Practice Review Committee is responsible for overseeing and administering PIBC’s Code of Professional Conduct - including investigating complaints of alleged misconduct against members.


Current Committee Members:

Lui Carvello MCIP, RPP (Chair)

Linda Adams MCIP, RPP

William (Bill) Buholzer FCIP, RPP

Ken Cameron FCIP, RPP

Lindsay Chase MCIP, RPP

Brent Elliott MCIP, RPP

Nancy Knight MCIP, RPP

Ron Mattiussi MCIP, RPP

Kent Munro MCIP, RPP

Kathryn Nairne MCIP, RPP

Gwendolyn Sewell MCIP, RPP

Lisa Spitale MCIP, RPP

John Steil FCIP, RPP

Eric Vance FCIP, RPP

Richard White FCIP, RPP

Dave Crossley (Institute Staff)