PIBC Climate Action Task Force & Climate Action Member Survey

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February 28, 2017 - May 1, 2017

Climate change is occurring, including due to greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuel to heat buildings, fuel transportation, as a by-product of waste and land uses such as agriculture. Planning plays a key role in both its reduction and in the introduction of adaptation measures to address climate impacts already underway.

While climate change has been around as an issue for many years and most planners are aware of it, many struggle to put solutions into action in their work for a variety of reasons.

In July 2016, PIBC Council established the PIBC Climate Action Task Force (CATF) and resolved to:

“Champion action on climate policy, help members understand how to take climate change into account in their planning activities, and collaborate with and advocate for progressive policy solutions by senior levels of government.”

The Climate Action Task Force is currently working on:
• The 2017 PIBC Climate Action Survey (early March)
• Climate Change themed edition of Planning West (Spring Edition)
• Updated brief Literature Review/Best Practises for Climate Action
• Climate theme included in upcoming Research/Resource section on PIBC website
• Future Webinar Series (Ongoing)
• Review of the Provincial Climate Leadership Plan
• Advocating for policy and regulatory changes in advance of the upcoming Provincial election.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PIBC Member Climate Action Survey! We will be providing an update soon. Stay tuned!

The CATF Terms of Reference are available here.

CATF Members:
• George Benson (UBC SCARP student, Vancouver)
• Iain Bourhill, Co-Chair (Director of Planning, City of Colwood)
• Coralee Breen (Senior Planner, District of North Saanich)
• Christine Calihoo (Senior Land Use & Community Planner, Counterflow Community Planning, Vancouver)
• Ryan Hennessey (Senior Energy Planner, Yukon govt)
• Darwin Horning (UNBC, School of Environmental Planning Lecturer; Climate Resilience Consulting, Prince George)
• John Ingram (Principal & Senior Planner, Ecoplan International, Vancouver)
• Sarah Muir-Owen (Program Manager, PICS; C2MP consulting, Vancouver)
• Peter Russell (Sr. Manager, Sustainability & District Energy, Richmond)
• Bruce Simard (GM of Development Services, Peace River RD, Dawson Creek)
• Suzanne Smith Co-Chair (Planner 2, City of North Vancouver)

Questions for the PIBC CATF?
Please contact Suzanne Smith, CATF Co-Chair, at ssmith@cnv.org

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