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Board Elections for 2021-2023 Term

In accordance with the bylaws of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), the Institute is holding elections for positions on the PIBC Board of Directors for the two-year (2021-2023) Board term, in conjunction with the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.

2021-2023 Election Nominees

The following members have been nominated to stand for election to the PIBC Board for the noted positions for the 2021-2023 Board term:

President-Elect (1 Certified Member to be elected):

  • Emilie Adin RPP, MCIP
  • Patricia Dehnel RPP, MCIP

Members (8 Certified Members to be elected):

  • Sawngjai (Dear) Bhokanandh RPP, MCIP
  • Lui Carvello RPP, MCIP
  • Deborah Jensen RPP, MCIP
  • Kenna Jonkman RPP, MCIP
  • Mark Koch RPP, MCIP
  • Patricia Maloney RPP, FCIP
  • Sara Muir Owen RPP, MCIP
  • Angel Ransom RPP, MCIP
  • Alex Taylor RPP, MCIP
  • Andrew Yan RPP, MCIP

Click here to download the Certified Member Election Candidate Information Package [PDF]

Candidate Member Rep (1 Candidate member to be elected):

  • Keltie Chamberlain
  • Marjan Navab-Tehrani

Click here to download the Candidate Member Election Candidate Information Package [PDF]


Online Voting Now Open

Online voting is now open. All eligible voting PIBC members will have received a separate email invitation and a unique individual link in order to vote online. If you did not receive your online voting invitation email, please be sure to check your email junk folder and spam filter. Otherwise, please contact PIBC Executive Director Dave Crossley for further assistance. Individual links to online voting are only included in the direct email invitation received, and are not available here on the website.

Online voting will close at the commencement of the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 1:30 pm (Pacific) on Friday June 18th. Members are encouraged to carefully review the election candidate information package available online (see links above) before casting their online ballot.

Important Online Voting Information:

  • Eligible voting members only receive electronic ballots and vote for contested positions and candidates in the same respective membership category to which they belong (i.e. Certified Members vote for Certified Member positions, and Candidate Members vote for the Candidate Member position).
  • Links to online voting are unique to each individual member, and should not be copied or forwarded. Each member may only log into the online voting system and cast an electronic ballot once. Once cast online, electronic ballots cannot be retrieved or altered.
  • All votes cast will be tallied and the results reported at the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 18th.

QUESTIONS?  Please click here to contact PIBC Executive Director Dave Crossley.

This notice & information is provided on behalf of PIBC Secretary-Treasurer.


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