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2020 Membership Fees:

The following membership fees are applicable for the 2020 calendar year (coverage between January 01 until December 31 of the given year). Membership fees listed are annual, and include all membership fees (including CIP membership fees and professional liability insurance premiums where applicable) as well as applicable taxes (GST).

PIBC fees are pro-rated (50%) for membership applications after July 1st (Insurance fee is not pro-rated). Between October until December of each year we won't charge for the given year any longer and will ask to get the upcoming yearly Fee in advance.

Certified Designation

  • For PIBC Certified Members in good standing: RPP, MCIP

Fellow Designation

  • For PIBC Certified Members in good standing: RPP, FCIP

Candidate Membership

  • Designation use not permitted
  • Includes mandatory annual CIP Fee & CIP Insurance Premium


Joint Certified or Candidate Membership

  • PIBC as 2nd or 3rd Canadian Planning affiliation
  • Includes annual PIBC affiliation Fee only
  • Mandatory annual CIP Fee & CIP Insurance Premium will need to be paid to the Main Planning affiliation, otherwise PIBC will ask for this payment as well.

Click here for more information on the other Canadian Planning affiliations.


Certified, & Candidate Membership (On Leave)

  • Designation use not permitted
  • Includes mandatory annual CIP Fee & CIP Insurance Premium

Retired Membership

  • Includes mandatory annual CIP Fee
  • Designation use not permitted

Student Membership

  • For Planning Students only
  • Designation use not permitted 
  • Includes mandatory annual CIP Membership

Click here for a list of accredited planning schools.



  • Designation use not permitted 

Pre-candidate membership without annual CIP Fee

Pre-candidate membership with annual CIP Fee





Public Subscriber 

  • Designation use not permitted 

Public Subscriber rate without annual CIP Fee

Public Subscriber rate with annual CIP Fee

Public Subscriber Student rate without annual CIP Fee

Public Subscriber Student rate with annual CIP Fee







Honourary Membership

  • Designation use not permitted 

Life Membership 

  • Designation use RPP, MCIP only as Certified Life Member permitted; others: Designation use not permitted


Note: Membership fees are due every Jan. 2nd, or upon admission to membership, and are separate from any application, assessment, or other processing fees. Membership fees may be partially pro-rated for new members admitted part way through the first calendar year of membership. Annual membership fees are non-refundable. Initial annual membership fees for newly admitted members are due and payable upon admission to membership. Due to the federal Goods & Services Tax (GST) / Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and professional insurance requirements, total membership fees for certain members who live & work outside of the province of British Columbia or outside of Canada may vary from those listed here - please check with PIBC.

Membership Application & Resource Fees:

Membership application fees are one-time, non-refundable administrative fees, payable at the time of application. Fees listed include taxes where applicable:

Certified Application (Candidate admitted before Jun. 11, 2012) $180.00
Pre-Candidate Application $0.00
Student & Public Subscriber Application $0.00
Membership Reinstatement (in good standing) $195.00

Note: The following fees only apply for Candidate members admitted before Jun. 11, 2012, who are completing the Certified Membership certification process under the previous membership standards and processes. More recent Candidate members will complete the new certification process, through the national Professional Standards Board (PSB). Fees listed include taxes where applicable:

Written Exam for Membership (Exam B) Fee $304.50
Oral Exam for Membership (Exam A) Fee $78.75
Written Exam Preparation Materials Fee (Price per set) $73.50

Penalty & Other Fees:

The following other fees are assessed where applicable:

Late Membership Fee Penalty (Corporate Members) $100.00
Late Membership Fee Penalty (Public Subscriber / Pre-Candidate / On Leave) $50.00
Late Membership Fee Penalty (Public Subscriber Student rate / Retired) $25.00
Late CPL Reporting Penalty Fee - Full $100.00
Late CPL Reporting Penalty Fee - Partial $75.00
NSF Cheque Penalty $40.00
Note: Other fees as may be applied from time to time. (Various)
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Fee Schedule

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