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The Governance & Nominating Committee is a standing committee of the Board and is responsible for, in accordance with the Institute’s bylaws, the oversight, coordination, and direction of the Institute’s governance, policy, and nominating activities and affairs.

Current activities: As mandated by the Institute’s bylaws, elections for the Board of Directors are held every two years. The current term is from 2023-2025. The Committee successfully completed its work on the formal Board election process for the 2023-2025 term.

Click here to read about this Committee's work (excerpt from current PIBC Annual Report).

Volunteer! Click here for the current call for volunteers. Call ends 4:00 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2024.


Current Committee Members:

  • Emilie K. Adin RPP, MCIP (Chair)
  • Michelle Kam RPP, MCIP
  • Jennifer MacIntyre RPP, MCIP
  • Rob Roycroft RPP, MCIP
  • Dave Crossley (Institute Staff)
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Governance & Nominating Committee
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