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The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of PIBC’s activities and business, including appointing officer positions and certain committee chairs, setting the annual budget, determining policy, setting PIBC's strategic direction, and providing overall governance leadership for the Institute.

The Board consists of eleven voting volunteer members, and is elected every two years. It includes PIBC's President, President-Elect, eight Certified Members, and one Candidate member representative. In addition, the Board may also include non-voting guest participants including representatives of the Institute's Student members.

We officially welcomed our Board of Directors for the 2023-2025 Board term on Friday, June 2, 2023 at the PIBC 2023 Annual Conference - It Takes A Village.

PIBC Board of Directors (2023-2025)

Emilie Adin


Emilie K. Adin RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Emilie.


K Jonkman


Kenna Jonkman RPP, MCIP


Sara Muir-Owen RPP, MCIP

Secretary Treasurer

Sara Muir, RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Sara.


Sawngjai (Dear) Bhokanandh


Sawngjai (Dear) Bhokanandh RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Dear.


Lui Carvello RPP, MCIP


Lui Carvello RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Lui.


Narissa Chadwick


Narissa Chadwick RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Narissa.


Cleo Corbett


Cleo Corbett RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Cleo.


Zoe Morrison


Zoë Morrison RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Zoë.




Alex Taylor RPP, MCIP

Learn more about Alex.


Andy Yan


Andy Yan RPP, FCIP

Learn more about Andy.


Sarah Foulkes

Candidate Member Representative

Sarah Foulkes-Watson

Learn more about Sarah.


Student Member Representatives:

Click here to learn more about our Student Member Representatives from institutions in BC accredited by the Professional Standards Board (PSB) - the national assessment body that is recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)/PIBC.


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