3D Ideas - Quick Ideation Drawing Techniques for Planners
June 24th 2024
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST
CPL Units: 3

Register on eventbrite by June 12 for early bird pricing.  Registration closes June 22nd.

Imagine taking a photo of a public space or building and quickly drawing in it to visualize your ideas to colleagues and community members! Unlock your creative potential in urban planning with Studio Kit’s upcoming hands-on workshop focused on quickly translating concepts into three-dimensional sketches over photographs. Through a series of engaging exercises, you'll learn quick techniques to visualize and communicate your ideas effectively for existing locations. Join us to sharpen your drawing skills and bring your planning projects to life with clarity and creativity.

What will the workshop cover?

During this workshop, we will introduce, learn and practice quick ways to draw over photographs using low-cost analog tools. Everybody understands photos, right? This makes it easy for others to imagine ideas you’re trying to convey. Moreover, we don’t need to create an image from scratch, making this a fast and effective way to draw your ideas within a short period of time.

We’ll start by introducing some key concepts about perspective drawings so that we can get some key guidelines from the photo. We will then use these to create new elements to scale. How fun is that?!

As mentioned, the majority of the workshop will be spent practicing analog techniques that use photography as a base, but these fundamentals will translate to digital world, as well. With so much work happening currently on Transit-Oriented Areas in the Lower Mainland, we thought this would be the perfect subject to focus on and practicing drawing new concepts for.

At the end of the workshop we will share what we created as a class, discuss how these skills can be used within our planning practices, and finally receive a little resource guide to help continue your skill development.


What will you learn?

You’ll come out of this workshop with:

  • Terminology: knowledge of perspective drawing terminology, including but not limited to: 1- and 2-point perspective, Vanishing points, Horizon line, Foreshortening, Auto-foreshortening

  • Tools and Supplies: A list of analog supplies and tools that you can use to help you create (perspective) drawings over photographs.

  • Photography:  A key tool in this process is photography, and so we will share tips on taking and preparing photos so you have a good base for your illustrations.

  • 8-Step Drawing Process: A quick 8-step process for drawing a 1-point perspective over a photo of a city street, and tips on how you could apply this same process to create 2-point perspective drawings.

  • Practice: We will each practice creating a 1-point perspective concept drawing for a transit oriented area in the lower mainland, and create several iterations of the same area to highlight different concepts.

  • Further Learning: A take away guide with additional learning resources, and an idea sheet for other quick ways to draw new concepts on the go.

6:00 The Basics: Terminology, Process, Supplies and Tools
7:00 Break
7:15 Perspective Drawing Case Study - Transit Oriented Area
8:40 Closing Circle
9:00 Further Learning

Date: Monday, June 24, 2024
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Vancouver, BC
Register on eventbrite by June 12 for early bird pricing.  Registration closes June 22nd.

For more information, click on the EVENT LINK below or get in touch with us visit: https://www.elkplan.ca/workshops.

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