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Submitted by Cindy Cheung on
Peer Learning Network (PLN) Update - Next Steps

Following up on receiving funding from the Province of BC - Ministry of Housing for the planning, development and implementation of a Peer Learning Network (PLN), focused on supporting practitioners with respect to housing solutions, emerging practices, and policy developments, PIBC has been working to finalize plans for the first phases of this initiative. Upcoming actions will include outreach to practitioners to help identify key needs and best approaches for learning and peer networking, initial focused professional development and learning, and structured opportunities for practitioners to connect and share knowledge and practices, as well as facilitating access to resources, tools, and information.

What’s Coming Next:

Some key initial Peer Learning Network activities that will roll out in the coming days and weeks include:

  • Engagement and consultation with practitioners through an online survey to identify key needs and best approaches (starting February 5, 2024).

  • An initial dedicated online professional learning webinar focusing on key legal matters and questions related to housing legislation, policies, and practices (February 2024).

  • Launching a dedicated online Peer Learning Network resource webpage to collect, curate, and share key information, resources, and tools for practitioners (February 2024 onwards).

  • Launching and rolling out a series of regional peer learning forums/workshops focused on housing solutions, emerging practices, and ongoing peer dialogue and networking (March 2024).

  • Additional professional learning and peer networking opportunities, including online space(s) for continued peer dialogue, and a dedicated workshop/session at the upcoming 2024 BC Land Summit conference (May 8-10, 2024).

Based on feedback from our engagement with practitioners and experience with initial actions, further Peer Learning Network elements and actions will be refined, developed, and rolled out in the coming weeks and beyond.

In particular, keep an eye out for the online survey next week and information on the first professional learning webinar coming up in the next few weeks.


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